How Regs4ships Provides Value

Regs4ships is the industry leading digital regulations tool used by both shoreside teams and onboard crew to keep abreast of the continuous changes in maritime regulations, enabling them to stay compliant at all times. Regs4ships is part of the OneOcean platform, used on 15,000 vessels to ensure compliance is met and delivered with ease at all times through one central solution.

Below are some examples of how different users, both onboard and within shoreside teams, use Regs4ships to mitigate risk, demonstrate compliance and save time.

The Challenge: Monitoring Regulations

The Designated Person Ashore (DPA) conducts daily or weekly checks for amendments or new regulations from multiple sources, including Flag States, International Maritime Organisation (IMO), International Labour Organization (ILO) MARPOL, SOLAS, location, national and regional sources and more. If an amendment is found that is applicable to one or more vessels in the fleet, then the DPA is responsible for monitoring when the amendment comes into force and notifying the vessel.

Conducting these regular searches through multiple searches is a complex and time-consuming process, specifically if these need to be done for individual vessels or routes. The DPA has to do a full review of the regulation and interpret how a change will impact vessels and operations. They also need to stay on top of any additional updates and changes.


The Solution

Regs4ships allows the DPA to search for updates in a single location. Resg4ships collates data from multiple sources and displays the data in a clear, succinct way that is simple for the DPA to review and process. The user can also view all forthcoming amendments by organisation, and Regs4ships also provides notifications to the user when changes are made. The DPA can then efficiently collate and deploy these notices to vessels in a clear, simplified manner.

The DPA can easily and efficiently locate any and all updates when required and deploy via all through a single portal, reducing the number of avenues that need to be searched, saving time and manpower

The Challenge: Preparing for Inspections

Following a recent incident, there is an onboard inspection of lifesaving appliances. The crew needs to ensure that there is enough supply in accordance with SOLAS regulations. There is a hard copy of the regulations on board, but they cannot guarantee this is the most recent version of the regulation.

During inspection, it is found that the life jackets onboard are not the correct design due to the type of foam stuffing used inside them, which was updated in a recent regulation amendment that the crew had not been able to access. This results in a failed inspection which causes delays to the voyage and possible fines.


The Solution

Using Regs4ships, the onboard crew can access the latest guidance from SOLAS to check they have the correct provisions onboard to meet or exceed regulatory requirements prior to inspection, allowing them to pass.

Regs4ships has a dedicated team that regularly updates the regulations in its database, ensuring its users have the most up-to-date information at all times. This ensure that they always have the correct information on hand to remain compliant.