Keep up-to-date on the latest environmental regulations without the risk of heavy fines.

The Challenges

An increase in the number of environmental regulations, heavier fines and the risk of environmental harm means there is an ever-growing need to stay compliant.

Managing the compliancy requirements for a variety of vessels is a complex task as there are different distinct requirements needed by vessel type and location. Keeping track of all the regulations, variations and disseminating it accurately to crews on board is both time-consuming and has potential for errors.

Baselines can often be misunderstood and whaling areas missed, leading to illegal discharges, potentially resulting in heavy fines and devastating environmental implications.

Always in compliance

EnviroManager is a simple, user-friendly tool with an intuitive display that helps crews to stay on top of regulations, minimising the risk of faulty discharge and commercial repercussions.

The tool allows crews to understand and prepare where and what can be discharged at each stage of the journey in advance and en route. EnviroManager provides real time clarity on whether discharges can be made including any circumstances to be taken into consideration, making it simple for vessels to comply with regulations.

What it enables

Reduced risk

Reduce risk of illegal or faulty discharge

Regulatory Compliance

Displays the latest MARPOL, local, national and regional regulations in one place for what can and cannot be done

Accurate ZET

Automatically calculates Zone Entry Time (ZET), the distance and time to entry in territorial waters

Waste and Fuel Handling

Optimise waste and fuel handling, switching from high to low sulphur

Environmental Management

Add to ISO 14001 environmental management processes


Strengthen the environmental profile of the organisation

How it does this

Traffic Light Display

Traffic light notification system makes it easy to understand what action can be undertaken in a given location

Real Time Guidance

Real-time guidance on how to comply with regulations by vessel

Fully Updated

Dedicated team monitoring regulations, keeping EnviroManager fully up-to-date

Cetacean Habitats

Understand where mid-ocean cetacean habitats are in relation to the vessel and its planned passage

EnviroManager +

Ensuring the fleet are operating within company policies, in addition to the environmental regulations, can be challenging as not all the information is available in one place.

EnviroManager+ enables operators and managers to set their own policies in place within EnviroManager, above the minimum requirements, creating a bespoke set of regulations for their fleet.

This customisable tool can provide fleet-wide or vessel type instructions by location, to aid risk mitigation such as entering territorial waters by mistake, or support reputation management for environmentally conscious fleets.

How it does this

Authoring Tool

Set and update changes within EnviroManager+ in minutes using an online Authoring Tool

Position Based Information

Provide vessels with specific information based on their location with type and location specific instructions

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