Keep up-to-date on the latest environmental regulations and reduce your risk of heavy fines.

The Challenges

With more and more maritime environmental regulations in effect throughout the world, there is an ever-growing need to stay up-to-date on the latest environmental restrictions, to protect the environment and avoid penalties.

Managing the compliancy requirements across a fleet is a complex task, as many regulations will relate to specific locations and will only be relevant to certain vessel types depending on their equipment and parameters. Keeping track of all regulations, determining relevance and ensuring that crew are aware of what the rules are and how to comply is time-consuming and risks errors.

Baselines can often be misunderstood, and cetacean habitats missed, leading to illegal discharges or prohibited presence in restricted zones, potentially resulting in heavy fines and devastating environmental implications.

Introducing EnviroManager

Keep up to date on the latest environmental regulations and reduce the risk of heavy fines. Download a short summary of EnviroManager below.

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Always in compliance

EnviroManager is a simple, user-friendly module of OneOcean that allows users aboard and ashore to stay informed of environmental regulations in force in areas around the globe. With data from over 500 environmental zones and 170 nations, EnviroManager has a robust database that is kept up to date by a dedicated team who actively search and verify regulations. For the user, the result is a much lower risk of faulty discharges and dealing with the commercial repercussions that follow.

EnviroManager provides end-to-end clarity on all environmental requirements for regions along a route, enabling users to plan a fully compliant voyage with peace of mind.

What it enables

Reduced risk

Reduce risk of illegal or faulty discharges

Regulatory Compliance

Displays the latest worldwide environmental legislation in one place

Accurate ZET

Automatically calculates Zone Entry Time (ZET), the distance and time to entry to territorial waters

Waste and Fuel Handling

Optimise waste and fuel handling with timely, relevant information displayed to determine when to switch between different grades of fuel

Environmental Management

Add to ISO 14001 environmental management processes


Strengthen the environmental profile of the organisation

How it does this

Traffic light display tiles

Traffic light tile notification system makes it easy to understand what action can and cannot be undertaken for a specific waste stream at a given location

Real Time Guidance

Real-time guidance that only displays regulations relevant to the vessel’s specifications

Fully Updated

Dedicated team continuously monitoring and updating regulations in over 500 local, regional and national areas in the OneOcean database

Marine-protected areas

Understand the locations of marine-protected areas in relation to the vessel and its planned passage

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