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Find information faster and focus on implementing operational changes with a trusted source for official regulatory publications.
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Regs4ships provides uninterrupted access to live and archived official regulatory publications from multiple sources, including the IMO, ILO and numerous flag states.

25 flag states

One centralised source for compliance and regulations from key international bodies such as the IMO and 25 flag states

100,500+ documents

The LR OneOcean team updates and manages Regs4ships to give you the most quality data from over 100,500 documents, including an extensive archive built over 20+ years

Within 48 hours

New amendments to regulations are processed and made available to users within 48 hours of being made available by the source.

Understanding the regulatory compliance challenge

We understand the challenges of ensuring both onboard and shoreside teams can easily access current, compulsory regulations to be compliant. In addition, finding, accessing and researching regulations is time consuming and can take away from your capacity, as well as the crew’s, to implement changes or prepare for audits.

Managing regulatory compliance through individual publications presents additional challenges and multiplies workloads for onboard and onshore personnel. Additionally, the traditional method of receiving and manually updating paper copies with new amendments is inefficient. Often, by the time all vessels are updated, the new regulations are already in force. This can result in inefficient planning, incorrect interpretation or implementation of regulations, and non-compliance.

  • Updating regulations individually across multiple copies makes it difficult to share amendments and updates among teams.
  • Regulation content structure varies and isn't always clear, with documentation being inconsistently stored across the fleet.
  • Different vessels require unique regulations based on their territories or flag states.
From IMO to EU: Stay compliant with Regs4ships' comprehensive regulatory databases and intuitive search functionality.

How Regs4ships supports regulatory compliance

Regs4ships simplifies the challenges associated with accessing compulsory maritime legislation, regulations and supporting guidance. The advanced searchability of Regs4ships means you can quickly find specific regulations to ensure every vessel is following the right documentation. The tool also supports advanced planning to ensure operations and procedures remain compliant, with a unified experience for ship and shoreside users.

The innovative solution can be used on PCs and tablets. With the onboard version enabling secure, uninterrupted access to regulations, even when an internet connection is unavailable.

Regs4ships provides a unique depth and breadth of regulatory content:


•    IMO
•    EU legislation
•    ILO
•    World Health Organization
•    Port State Control
•    Anti-piracy and security

Flag States

•    Primary legislation 
•    Secondary legislation 
•    Guidance 
•    Forms


•    IMDG code
•    Area-specific content (US waters)
•    Lloyd’s Register rules and regulations for the classification of ships

Save time searching for regulations

Search our unrivalled collection of over 100,500 live and archived maritime legislation, regulations and documents. Use the search bar or tailor your search using dropdowns and checkboxes to filter for a specific document type, publishing date, publishing location or keyword. You can also review documents by category for in-depth research on a particular topic. Once you’ve found what you need, you can save them in the favourites area for future reference.

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