Voyage solutions for the superyacht industry

The Superyacht sector differs from others in maritime. Rather than delivering cargo or passengers between ports as part of voyages that have been planned in advance, the superyacht sector’s prime objective is to focus on providing the highest level of service and flexibility to clients.

This requires access to navigational software that is not only quick and easy to use, but adaptable at speed for changing requirements, enabling

crew to make informed compliant decisions in line with client needs.

The OneOcean platform is a proactive, industry-leading solution offering a single resource for navigation, environmental and compliance management. As a trusted solution for superyacht operations, OneOcean enables you to be fully prepared and confident that your obligations are met, whilst freeing up time to focus on your guests.

Introducing Navigation

PassageManager is an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for planning routes, overlaying weather forecasts for a holistic approach to smooth and efficient voyages. Built in optimisation enables you to determine the most efficient route by fuel, time or cost. Access detailed port information, ENCs, NavArea warnings, as well as up to 9 days weather forecast providing information for wind, waves and currents.

Keeping flexibility at the forefront, OneOcean offers a Pay-As-You-Sail (PAYS) model, allowing you access to all the cells for route planning with the benefit of only paying for the cells you physically sail through. This means you can be cost-efficient at the same time as adaptable to client requirements.

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Introducing Environmental

Using the visual interface, see what regulations are in force, including where discharges can be made safely. This ensures that no-matter where guest requirements might lead, the voyage remains compliant and crew can adapt with ease.

Capture your environmental discharges and entries on our electronic record book (ERB) platform – LogCentral – with built-in alerts and prompts for accuracy.

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Introducing Regs4yachts

Regs4yachts contains a robust digital database of superyacht specific maritime regulations, incorporating the latest versions of nautical publications into one place.

The solution is maintained by OneOcean’s team of experts, who continuously update its database with the latest Flag State and international regulations from the IMO, ILO, EU, WHO and more. All updates are performed in real-time, meaning crews are never manually piecing together amendments or consulting out of date information.

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