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Connecting the ocean economy for greater protection, performance and progress.
The Lloyd's Register OneOcean Platform is a comprehensive portfolio of tools providing industry-leading actionable intelligence to maritime professionals. It drives performance, profitability, and progress, assists decision-making, and reduces risk. Because it’s built with simplicity and flexibility at heart, different components can be added and removed easily and with no downtime. An investment in the Platform is an investment in the future of your organisation.
  • The platform is deployed on and trusted by over 22,000 vessels globally to enhance their operations.
  • Dedicated client support teams available 24-hours a day, 365 days per year. Supporting your digital journey every step of the way.
  • Quality data on over 500 environmental zones, 170 nations, 24 Flag States and 12,000 Ports – all maintained by our dedicated inhouse team.

The most complete portfolio of digital solutions in Maritime

Ensure total voyage compliance

OneOcean Comply makes it easy to navigate with continuous compliance, while protecting the ocean, at every stage of your voyage. This helps avoid fines and time out of service. It includes solutions for Navigation, Environmental and Regulatory Compliance and Operations.

Simplify ship and crew management

OneOcean Manage is an easy-to-use system powered by a complete solution for Ship Management and Crew Management. It does this by providing up-to-date information and instructions to the right people, aligning them around one central platform.

Optimise maritime performance

OneOcean Perform is a solution for Vessel and Fleet Performance. It helps plan, monitor and benchmark voyages, improves decision making and reduces fuel costs and emissions which can attract more charter opportunities.

Integrate data insights for better decision-making

OneOcean Integrate provides high-quality, relevant, real-time, and previously out-of-reach data via three flexible API solutions. Our Data Consultancy helps identify which datasets are relevant for particular vessels and regions of operation. It also helps customise solutions for your specific challenges.

LR OneOcean is part of the Lloyd’s Register Group

Proudly owned by Lloyd’s Register, we exist to create a seamless connection between each and every vessel and voyage, stakeholder and supply chain to truly unite the digital journey between ship and shore.

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