Enable dynamic decision-making at sea and onshore.

Bring clarity to complexity

OneOcean brings the different parameters of voyage planning together, consolidating the data into an easy-to-use, visual interface.

Users can overlay ENCs, weather, environmental, waypoints and UKC status in a single view to complete the appraisal and planning stages of route planning.

The platform can run off the shelf or be fully customised to a vessel or fleet level to meet business safety and procedure requirements.

With these features built-in, they are ‘always on’ – which means they are considered throughout the whole planning process.


PassageManager brings clarity throughout the complex passage planning process. The platform connects variable factors, such as weather, regulations, outfit and internal safety processes. Then applies these directly to the planning workflow, reducing the need to cross-reference through operationalised data.

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The OneOcean Philosophy


OneOcean brings together the different variables and constraints consolidating data into an easy-to-use, visual interface. Users can overlay the planned route with ENCs, weather and environmental layers to create a single view, enabling appraisal in one place.


Prepare and complete plans in a unified, single workspace. Route optimisations for time, fuel and cost can be appraised and weather simulations undertaken to enable optimal planning.

A consolidated track of the route with navigational events can be added. These can all be brought into the digital passage plan and shared both onboard and with teams ashore.​


Changing weather conditions is one of the biggest variables on route followed by delays on exit and entry to port. The ability to re-optimise and generate updated, compliant passage plans is time critical. This flexibility comes as standard, enabling onboard and shoreside teams to be both proactive and reactive to changing conditions.


Make informed decisions with a simplified view and the flexibility to adapt to circumstances – users have the tools, insights and context to make informed, compliant decisions.

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