The Disruptive Effects of Maritime Decarbonisation

The IMO has made it clear: the maritime industry must radically reduce its carbon footprint by 2050.

White Paper

With new regulations for EEXI and CII entering into force in November 2022, seafaring organisations are faced with the daunting task of systematically ensuring their fleets operate more efficiently and emit lower volumes of greenhouse gases.  

While these regulations are well-intentioned and bound to be impactful, there will certainly be challenges to adherence for the many stakeholders involved. 

The Disruptive Effects of Maritime Decarbonisation

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In this white paper, we discuss what the new regulations are and explore some of the implications for the industry.

We also explore future scenarios for environmental regulations and attempt to pinpoint potential conflicts that might emerge in charter party contracts.

We also speculate on the trends that may emerge and emphasize the importance of effective environmental planning.

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