About us

OneOcean Group Ltd is the largest global supplier of voyage solutions for the maritime industry. Our solutions are used by over 15,000 vessels across the world to support and optimise navigation and compliance.

Onboard. Onshore. Online.

Our innovative solutions connect ships and shore-side teams, providing our customers with the visibility and real-time information they need to support decision making and drive operational excellence.

LR’s Digital Solutions Division

We recognise the challenges facing the maritime industry including the drive for decarbonization and the need for improved efficiency. To address these challenges OneOcean is now part of the Lloyd’s Register Digital Solutions division. We are proud to work alongside the other brands that comprise this division, providing voyage compliance, voyage planning, ship management and vessel performance solutions.

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Why choose OneOcean?

OneOcean understands the challenges facing mariners today and in the future. Our product management and development teams are led by former mariners, providing expertise, understanding and insight. All of which guide our future product development.

Why OneOcean

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver maritime solutions that remove the boundaries between ship and shore, helping our customers benefit from more efficient, cleaner and safer practices.

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Management Team

Our management team has a wealth of expertise in the maritime industry.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a vendor and partner to some of the largest commercial maritime organisations, we strive to provide software solutions that empower companies to implement greener, safer and more efficient operational practices. We help numerous maritime non-profits that support seafarer’s rights and marine ecosystems through our CSR activities.