Is it time to consign paper logbooks to the shredder?


Keeping records is an essential onboard duty; but many crew members responsible for carrying out this task will be familiar with the laborious process of scanning and photographing paper logbooks or replicating them on spreadsheets before they are sent to shoreside teams.

With regulations and compliance accuracy more stringent than ever, it is unsurprising that an increasing number of shipping companies are switching to electronic record keeping solutions. This gets the nod of approval from MAPROL, the IMO and other such authorities as they know how much more efficient and accurate this makes relaying information for all involved.

Electronic record keeping means clean legible entries, in the correct format, makes it easy for the compilation of records, audit and sign-off. The timesaving benefits to the ship’s captain and crew cannot be understated. Additional benefits of ERBs include:

User alerts

Makes sure these are built into the software. It is invaluable for warning crew of problematic situations such as the tank threshold limits being reached, or users are prompted if record completion is overdue

Data Synching

To save time onboard and shoreside, the ability to sychronise data across all workstations is essential and means that the information viewed is consistent and up to date. Easy compilation of monthly reports enabling them to be generated and submitted in minutes.

Confirming sign-off

This encourages responsible record-keeping as well as making it easy for auditing purposes by recording who logs each entry and who signs it off.

Maintaining cyber-security

PIN and password protection plus data encryption keeps records are secure for all users.

Lowering the carbon footprint

elogbooks are far kinder to the environment than paper alternatives, from both the forestry requirements and a shipping impact.

OneOcean’s LogCentral is an easy-to-use solution that provides all of these features to ensure absolute accuracy, compliance and time-efficiency when recording information onboard.

To find out how LogCentral can improve your onboard and shoreside record keeping, contact us today.

30 November 2020