This solution collates and integrates health and safety information and legislation, providing a one-stop shop for both shore-side and vessel teams to manage and mitigate risk.

Mitigate risk and prevent incidents from occurring

OneOcean’s safety solution makes the critical task of managing health and safety at sea easier and more effective.

This solution collates and integrates health and safety information and legislation, providing a one-stop shop for both shore-side and vessel teams to manage and mitigate risk.


Keep up-to-date with legislation changes

Legislation and covenants governing the health and safety of vessels come from a wide variety of sources, including SOLAS, MARPOL, COLREG and ILO. What’s more, these requirements are continuously evolving, putting pressure on teams to remain abreast of changes to ensure they are operating to the highest standards and remain compliant.

OneOcean’s Safety solution is delivered digitally with updates to health and safety legislation integrated seamlessly and fed into current voyage plans. Teams can be assured that they have the most up to date information at their fingertips to inform decision-making.


Increase visibility with shared information

The Safety solution ensures everyone, from shore side teams to vessel Captains and crews, have access to all the data they need to effectively manage health and safety onboard and mitigate risk.

This shared view removes the commonplace challenge of information being viewed in silo by departments and stakeholders and encourages collaboration across teams to ensure the best possible health and safety outcomes. Shore-side teams can provide support to vessels, sharing the responsibility and improving the decision-making process.


Support informed decisions

Automated tasks guide users through the processes required to manage safety on board, reducing the risk of human errors, while alerts provide early warning of issues so remedial action can be taken.

This guided approach makes for a user-friendly experience, that removes the need for individuals to have specific IT skills and facilitates the onboarding of new crew.


Increase efficiency and optimise decision-making

Fulfilling legal requirements creates large volumes of HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality) paperwork. OneOcean’s Safety solution automates the collection of information, reducing the crew-time required to fulfil health and safety obligations and delivering efficiency savings.

The in-built AI capabilities of the software processes data from many sources to provide comprehensive insights that makes the decision-making process much simpler.


Secure and flexible data

With OneOcean’s Safety solution, mariners can be assured that critical data is stored safely and can be accessed securely by both teams onboard and shore-side.

OneOcean’s Safety solution can be configured so that it is accessible from multiple devices, making it a portable solution that is not just confined to the bridge, but can be shared amongst the onboard crew and team ashore. This improves communication and reduces the risk of errors.


Enabling clarity and understanding

Health and safety are a primary concern for everyone involved in shipping from HSEQ officers, DPAs, onboard crew and management to customers and Port State Control. With a huge range of continually evolving legislation and covenants to consider, as well as different safety considerations for each vessel, accessing the right information at the right time can be a challenge.

OneOcean’s safety solution is an intuitive and integrated platform which consolidates all the data required to understand and manage risk. By combining all the data into one user- friendly interface, mariners benefit from greater clarity and understanding and are better placed to manage all aspects of safety and minimise risk.


Working with you to simplify Safety

As the challenge of safety continues to evolve, OneOcean is committed to finding ways to make life easier for its customers. That means maximising the advantages new technologies can offer, to bring new solutions for its customers and maritime stakeholders that simplify and support safe navigation.

Key features:

Simple Interface

Simple user-friendly and centralised interface that guides teams through HSEQ activities


Onboard activity is logged accurately and with ease, reducing risk of human error and improving quality of data for performance management

Mitigates risk

Mitigates risk by ensuring documents are up to date and have been verified by all relevant team members

Consolidates Data

Consolidates all the data required for effective safety management in one shared view, enabling a truly collaborative approach

Audit Trail

Simple and accessible audit trail, available through standard web browsers for customers and authorities, negating the need for time-consuming paper trails

Health & Safety

The latest health and safety regulations at hand to enable crews to maximise safety on board and ensure compliance


Shore-side teams to track, monitor and support vessels in real time, wherever they are in the world

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