Deliver safe and compliant fleet operations

Decision-making made simple

Our QHSE solutions help you to operationalise and embed compliance. From accessing a database of regulations to providing a digital framework for managing and exchanging documents, teams aboard and ashore are assured they have the most current information at their fingertips to carry out
high-quality operations.

Shoreside management

Shoreside teams face the demanding task of overseeing fleet operations from miles away.

From operationalising compliance to simplifying decisions, we understand what it takes to support safe and compliant voyages.

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FleetManager enables shoreside teams to stay on top of vessel movements, see how voyages are progressing against pre-determined passage plans, and provide active support at anytime, anywhere.

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Transform processes with structured and flexible change management for QHSE operations.

Our global safety management system consolidates the health, safety, environment, and quality requirements of vessels into one platform, helping to operationalise safety procedures.

With automated system notifications, you can review and manage certification status for all vessels and share new company policies through a central system – consolidating feedback and reducing adoption time.

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Keeping on top of regulatory changes and maintaining compliance is both important and time-consuming.

Regs4ships replaces the manual process of sourcing, collating, reviewing, updating, and distributing maritime regulations. You can rely on our sophisticated database which stores thousands of official nautical documents in a searchable and easy-to-reference platform.

Regs4ships can easily be deployed on vessels through the offline version or with OTA (over-the-air) deployment using bite-sized updates.

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The OneOcean Philosophy


We consolidate external regulations into a common view and streamline safety management using a single platform to house the health, safety, environment, and quality requirements of vessels – enabling a truly collaborative approach.


Centralised platforms that are easy-to-reference provide real-time updates and amendments to Flag State and international regulations as well as guide teams through QHSE activities using alerts.


We provide access to the latest information and visually identify any changes made that you should take note of. Changes to company policies and new processes / reporting requirements can even be deployed across fleets within minutes.

Shoreside teams can also track, monitor and deliver active assistance at time critical moments by seeing what the vessel sees.


One centralised platform makes it easier to evaluate information and calculate KPIs for more informed decision-making. Onboard operations are also logged digitally, reducing risk of human error, and improving the quality of data for performance management.

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