Informed action for environmental compliance.

The regulatory landscape

Maritime is experiencing huge environmental change. The move to decarbonisation requires changes at a management and operational level.

New regulations through MARPOL, flag state, local, national and international levels are building on previous foundations to meet decarbonisation targets.

These are the minimum requirements, and vary by vessel type, age and location.

Vessel operators and owners have the known regulations to consider alongside those upcoming, and their own standards that may go above and beyond to operationalise throughout the fleet.

The OneOcean Philosophy


OneOcean sources, verifies and maintains the environmental regulation zones in one platform. Operators can add their own guidance on processes and policies into this same view, providing a single place to access all requirements in force.


A simplified workflow displays vessel-specific regulation, processes and procedures, making it easier for crew and teams ashore to understand the requirements for their voyage. Relevant ERBs can be completed and shared, providing clarity for onboard and shoreside teams as they access the same data workflows. 


Policies and procedures from the company can be updated and deployed almost instantly for crew to see and respond appropriately. All regulations or zones from a local, national, regional or international level, or variable data such as whale migration locations, are verified and updated by OneOcean. This ensures you have the latest information available. 


With the latest information in a single view, environmental decisions and action can be taken confidently. Both shoreside teams and crew aboard can access and visualise the same data, enabling them to work better together and ensure environmental compliance is realised. 

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