Minimising the impact on the environment, intuitive software platform provides real-time information on the local marine environment and helps crews to make critical decisions to minimise the impact of their operations.

Sound environmental stewardship

Legislation and an increasing consciousness surrounding the health of the world’s oceans has resulted in a greater focus on managing the environmental impact of shipping activities. Added to this, heavy fines for organisations that breach legislation and the reputational impact of failures to comply, compound the need for sound environmental stewardship.

The challenge of keeping up-to-date with the latest regulations, Emission Control Areas and Marine Protected Areas, requires significant investment of time and resources.

OneOcean’s Environmental solution provides quick, accurate information to guide mariners and ship operators, supporting critical decision-making on board.


Reduce risk

Managing a variety of vessels with different compliancy requirements and in different locations across the globe is a complex task. With local, national and regional regulation and MARPOL Annexes to abide to, teams onshore and at sea need to have the latest data to hand.

OneOcean’s Environmental solution is a one-stop shop for all environmental regulations. It provides visual references to guide mariners and ship operators on the activities they can and can’t undertake depending on where in the world they are, reducing the risk of illegal or faulty discharges.

With all the necessary information to hand, crews can make informed decisions about everything from vessel discharges and fuel handling to passage plans, safe in the knowledge that they remain compliant and are minimising their impact on the local environment.


Support passage planning

OneOcean’s Environmental solution helps crews to understand and prepare where and what can be discharged, at each stage of the journey, in advance and en route.

The solutions flag protected marine habitats, where greater limitations apply on the activities that are permitted including any speed restrictions that are applicable, as well as highlighting areas to be avoided.


Avoid heavy fines

With environmental regulation comes financial penalties for vessels that fail to comply. OneOcean’s Environmental solution provides a visible tool to help vessels remain compliant and minimise the risk of heavy fines, providing peace of mind for captains, crews, operators and owners.


Free up crew time

With all the latest environmental legislation in one place, OneOcean’s Environmental solution makes it simpler and quicker for teams to collate all the required elements for effective environmental management.

The solutions provide real-time visibility, helping crews to plan in advance and take decisions en route. A traffic light notification system makes understanding the information quick and easy.


Working to simplify environmental management

As the challenges surrounding passage planning continue to evolve, OneOcean is committed to finding ways to make life easier for its customers. That means maximising the advantages new technologies can offer, to bring new solutions for its customers and maritime stakeholders that simplify and support environmental management.

Key features:


Real-time guidance on how to comply with environmental regulations by vessel type and location


OneOcean team monitoring regulations and providing regular updates to ensure vessels and shore side teams have the latest data to hand


The locations of Marine Protected Areas in relation to the vessel and its planned passage

Helps crews

Monitor and manage times of entry into different discharge zones


Crew with the relevant information to determine when to switch between different grades of fuel


The environmental profile of the organisation


To ISO 140001 environmental management processes


Worldwide environmental legislation into a one single platform


Accurate record book management

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