The OneOcean Compliance solution centralises all the information required to remain compliant in an understandable, responsive and easy to use format.

Managing compliance in an increasingly complex world

Satisfying the ever-changing compliance and regulatory requirements from IMO, Flag-State and MARPOL is an ongoing challenge. Staying abreast of regulatory changes and ensuring compliance is a time-consuming and laborious process.

The Compliance solution highlights the regulations that are applicable to each vessel and provides real-time guidance on how to fulfil compliance requirements. It also integrates seamlessly with other solutions in the OneOcean platform to reduce duplication of work and cut down on any errors.

Compliance can and should be simple.


Quickly and readily demonstrate compliance

The Compliance solution provides accurate, up to date information to facilitate compliance during navigation planning and in vessel operations. It enables Captains, crew and shore-side teams to quickly and easily demonstrate to the authorities that regulations have been met.

Whether it is searching for a specific regulation that might affect a voyage or providing proof of compliance during a regulatory audit, the Compliance solution gives seafarers the latest and most accurate regulatory information in a centralised, accessible location.


Reduce crew workload

The solution provides vessel specific data, simplifies tasks and automates processes to reduce the manual steps in the management and fulfilment of regulatory obligations. Reducing the overall workload of seafarers, this allows them to focus on the operations.

Event logging and clear status updates make it easy to see which tasks have been completed, so crew changes are much simpler.


Transparency for ship and shore-side teams

With both ship and shore-side teams able to access the same information, both teams can readily see any gaps in compliance and provide support in advance and during audits.

Collaboration tools allow for better, more effective sharing of information between ship and shore. Company regulations, guidelines, forms and passage plans are visible both onshore and onboard. This provides HSEQ teams, crews on board and shore-side teams with a structured and traceable way to exchange compliance information.


Working with you to simplify compliance

As the challenge of compliance continues to evolve, OneOcean is committed to finding ways to make life easier for our customers. That means maximising the advantages new technologies can offer, to bring new solutions for our customers and maritime stakeholders that simplify and support fulfilment of compliance.

Key features:

Real Time

View real-time updates and amendments to Flag-State and international regulations, including IMO, ILO and MARPOL

Environmental Regulations

Latest environmental regulations are to-hand enabling crew to understand and prepare where and what can be discharged at each stage of the journey

Reduce the risk

Reduce the risk of environmental harm and minimise the chance of heavy fines

Document Management

Consolidate and streamline document management

Accessible Audit Trails

Simple and accessible audit trail, available through standard web browsers, for customers and authorities, negating the need for time-consuming paper trails


Provide a one-stop-shop for accessing, recording and managing logbooks. Enable onboard crews to quickly and accurately complete logbook entries.


Allows shore-side teams to keep track of logbooks across an entire fleet and analyse trends, compare vessels and set benchmarks for performance


Helps shore-side teams to track, monitor and support vessels in real-time, wherever they are in the world

Full view

Full view of vessel outfits for onshore teams

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