Eliminate complex and time-consuming paper trails, simplifying safety and risk management.

The Challenges

Safety and risk reduction are at the forefront of the minds of all mariners, fleet managers, HSEQ officers and owner/managers. They also represent the two biggest challenges.

For every voyage, crews are required to fill in several reports that affirm compliance with the policies, practices and procedures that make up a vessel’s Safety Management System. The sheer volume of maritime regulations and compliance forms, both internal and external, can create hours of paperwork for crews and shoreside personnel alike, making the system complex, time-consuming and costly.

Providing an audit trail for customers and authorities is very important but it can be a challenge to consolidate documentation in one central place and ensure it is always up to date.

A comprehensive SMS system requires high level of oversight which, in turn, necessitates the constant exchange of documents between ship and shore. This can present a challenge, especially when vessels do not have consistent internet access.


Introducing Docmap

Docmap, the leading global document management system for the maritime industry, is a digital solution that facilitates and simplifies safety management across fleets.

DocMap stores all documents that make up a vessel’s safety management system, including regulations, policies, procedures, certificates, reports and more. Thousands of documents can be categorized, stored, tracked, and kept up to date through the solution, providing a high level of oversight for fleet managers.

Crews can also access the solution, both online and through a mobile application, ensuring each vessel has easy access to up-to-date documentation relevant to their vessel, cargo, and routes.

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Simplified document management

All types of documentation and reports can be structured and made openly or selectively accessible to designated parts of the company. This helps to streamline the flow of information and simplifies documentation maintenance.


Time efficient

Spend less time on compliance and more time dealing with operational priorities including the safety and well being of crew, vessels and customers.


Mobile Accessible

Crews can easily access and complete a wide range of reports on their mobile devices while at sea using the DocMap mobile app. These forms will be automatically uploaded the next time the device connects to the internet.

What it enables

HSEQ Compliance

Controlled mechanism for undertaking HSEQ activities.

Reduced risk

Mitigate risk by ensuring documents are up to date and have been verified by all relevant team members.

Complete Documentation

Ensure each vessel is fully equipped with digital versions of all documents needed for a journey.


Data stored and captured from forms is in a consistent format, allowing it to be quickly verified and understood.

Detailed Analytics

Integration with Microsoft Power BI provides deeper insight, allowing users to spot trends, identify gaps and make more informed decisions.

Audit Trails

All documents needed for a comprehensive audit can be easily tracked and retrieved, in a paper-free format.

Docmap Modules


This powerful module allows policies, procedures, directives, work instructions, certificates, and other documentation to be stored, managed and easily accessed. Enabling ship managers to deliver all relevant documentation to vessels around the world.


Configure forms in Microsoft Word or Excel and share them across the organisation.

Incidents and actions

Produce any kind of configurable form and report events such as loss or accident, near accident or non-conformity.


The audits module provides the framework for internal and external inspection.

Risk assessments

Simplify and strengthen risk assessment procedures with a toolbox for keeping health, safety, and environmental risk onboard to a minimum.


Allows the information exchange to a customer’s data warehouse to be simplified and automated – making it more accessible and easier to analyse and manage.

How it does this

Automatic notifications

Automatic notifications and reminders built into the platform

Keep updated

Instant updates built into the system

Fully integrated

Integrates with all systems including HR systems


Access rights can be granted to select persons or functions within the company

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