Voyage Benchmarking

By comparing simulation data with real performance data for individual vessels and the full fleet, the Voyage Benchmarking module can highlight high and low performing vessels, so you can focus on those requiring most support.

Get full visibility of fleet performance 

Having a clear view of vessel performance and comparisons, both within your fleet and industry, is crucial to successful shipping. It helps identify the most efficient vessels for a particular voyage, when to schedule maintenance actions, such as Hull Fouling for optimal impact, and where vessel improvements may be needed to enhance operations. 

OneOcean Vessel & Fleet Performance’s Voyage Benchmarking module provides these insights. Helping ship owners understand how to optimise fleet performance and boosting revenue generation as a result. 

With comprehensive insights into maintenance, performance and optimisation, the Voyage Benchmarking module simplifies fleet analysis.


Key outcomes

Pinpoints areas for performance optimisation

Helping to prioritise improvements for the vessels that need them most. 

Identifies appropriate vessels for assignments

With accurate performance information, you can make data-driven decisions about the best vessel for a voyage. This clarity can help you select the right vessels for time-critical voyages.

Optimise hull fouling

Utilising machine learning, hull fouling analysis can be undertaken, and cleaning frequency can then be planned for the most optimal timings. 

Prioritise by performance

With a holistic view of your entire fleet from the LR OneOcean Platform, you can drill down into deep levels of voyage analysis. The Voyage Benchmarking module compares vessels within your fleet and ranks performance from low to high, helping you to identify which vessels need maintenance to optimise performance.

LR OneOcean expertise

With the Simulation & Monitoring module, you can monitor journeys yourself or enlist our team of master mariners to help ease your workload. The team will monitor the progress of your ship throughout its passage, proactively sending alerts and advisories to the ship’s master as needed. Our experts can also support with the planning, simulation and optimisation of vessel routing, before and during voyages.

Our solutions

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    Simulation & Monitoring

    Secure efficiencies for your voyage with accurate simulations and analysis in the Simulation & Monitoring module of OneOcean Vessel and Fleet Performance.
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    Vessel & Fleet Performance

    Use intelligent data insights to optimise your voyages and keep them competitive.
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    Enhances maritime performance with advanced benchmarking and monitoring, and sophisticated AI technologies.

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