Simulation & Monitoring

The Simulation & Monitoring module maps your ideal voyage route, considering factors such as weather and vessel condition to give an accurate journey duration. This information can be used to confirm if a charter will be completed within a client’s requested timeframe, ensuring profitability.

Simulate a successful voyage 

Identifying if your vessel is operating at optimum performance levels and finding the most fuel- and time-efficient route isn’t always clear. Using machine learning and data analysis, the Simulation & Monitoring module plots the optimal route and how long it will take – so you can confidently predict whether you’ll be able to meet a client’s timings. Once the journey is underway, the Simulation & Monitoring module uses up-to-date information to track vessel progress and alert you to deviations from the simulated route.

With the Simulation & Monitoring module, it’s easy to get a realistic view of voyage efficiency.


Key outcomes

Better planning

With an accurate representation of an individual vessel’s performance on a particular voyage available, ship leaders have the data needed to make informed planning decisions.  

Constant improvements 

The intelligent modelling that underpins the Simulation & Monitoring module continues to learn based on vessel data, so you can be sure you’re always getting thoroughly optimised, up-to-date recommendations. 

Accurate timescales and costs

As it is powered by vessel data, the Simulation & Monitoring module can help to correctly anticipate timescales and costs incurred on a journey, helping to keep voyages viable.

Precise simulations

With accurate simulations of the optimal route available to management teams, the Simulation & Monitoring module can support and enhance business decision-making.

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