Shoreside teams are reaping the benefits of electronic logbooks


Maritime regulators have become more demanding about what needs to be recorded and the amount of detail in logbook entries has grown considerably over the years. More and more data is required from vessels and receiving accurate and readily-available information from shipping crew is always a challenge. Shoreside and management teams often find it hard to make sense of logbook entries handwritten by crew and the likelihood of errors being made is high.

Regardless of these issues, it is an essential requirement for accurate information to be shared with authorities, often, within time-limited situations. Delays in providing information to authorities leads to penalties and can impact the basic operation of a vessel.

As the maritime industry progressively digitalises, shoreside teams are seeing the many benefits of switching to Electronic Record Books (ERBs).

How do ERBs benefit shoreside teams?

Easy to Use

The latest software makes logbook entries quick and easy. Shoreside teams can benchmark performance and analyse trends across individual vessels and the fleet, produce insights which can be leveraged to enhance working practices and subsequent fleet operations.


Data can be synched across all onboard and onshore workstations and shoreside teams can remotely monitor fleet-wide vessel discharges and air emissions, generating reports on shipboard waste production. This digital functionality contributes towards better-informed decision making, helping to devise focused waste management strategies in line with existing and new MARPOL mandates.


It can be potentially tricky and time-consuming for shoreside management teams to extract the requested data from paper logbooks. Electronic logbooks save valuable time by giving instant access to fleetwide entries with built-in analysis.


Paper logbooks are often riddled with errors, hard to read or have missing entries, giving shoreside teams the time-consuming headache of having to carry out remedial work before being able to analyse the data. An electronic logbook enables all entries to be presented in a clear, correct, standardised format.

OneOcean has introduced LogCentral, an easy-to-use solution that provides all these benefits ensuring accuracy, compliance and time-efficiency. To find out how LogCentral can improve your shoreside record keeping, contact us here.

12 November 2020