Pollution Categories

The information about Pollution procedures are categorised under a number of headings. Details of the types of information included within the structured categories is available below.


  • Details of the ballast requirements for the National Authority and/or Port Authority
  • Whether there are any requirements for change of ballast water prior to arrival at the port
  • Ballast reception facilities and any restrictions


  • Detailed requirements for pollution avoidance
  • List of procedures that the vessel must follow, and countermeasures that the port/terminal will take if an incident occurs
  • Contact numbers and VHF Channels to be used in the case of such an occurrence

Slops Disposal

  • Whether a collection service is available and capacity of shore tanks, barges and road tankers
  • Location of any special berth for this service
  • Name and contact details of companies operating this service; charges and any other relevant information

Waste Disposal

  • Whether a collection service is available and if drums or skips are provided on board or alongside
  • Contact details of garbage services, charges and collection time
18 August 2021