OneOcean Group Expands its Environmental Offering with LogCentral

LogCentral, OneOcean’s electronic record book solution, has now been expanded, furthering the company’s environmental offering by integrating record keeping into their environmental suite.

OneOcean announces the addition of four new record books to LogCentral, their electronic record book solution, as well as the confirmation of approval from all major flag states.

The four new record books are:

  • Seal Register Record Book
  • Biofouling Record Book
  • Sewage Record Book
  • Scrubber Record Book

LogCentral’s Electronic Record Books provide a digital timestamp for onboard events that can easily be accessed, cross-referenced, and analysed by shoreside teams.

Since obtaining Lloyd’s Register certification in June 2021, LogCentral has helped ship managers and owners transition to electronic record keeping for MARPOL Annex I, II, V and VI, including NOx codes. The new electronic record books will complement the existing LogCentral offering which includes the following record books:

  • Oil Record Book I (ORB I)
  • Oil Record Book II (ORB II)
  • Garbage Record Book I (GRB I)
  • Garbage Record Book II (GRB II)
  • Ballast Water Record Book
  • ECA Change Over Record Book
  • MD Engine Status Record Book
  • Cargo Record Book
  • Ozone-depleting Record Book
  • Daily Report Record Book
  • Arrival & Departure Record Book
  • Voyage Record Book

The latest additions extend OneOcean’s environmental offering, allowing companies to better analyse log entries across their fleets to gain a clear picture of when and where emissions, discharges and other onboard events are occurring in relation to navigational factors.

This new push highlights OneOcean’s goal to lead the market in providing an integrated environmental solution, focusing not only on navigational elements, but linking passage planning, environmental management, and compliance seamlessly together. Using this integrated software approach to help break traditional work silos unlocks operational insights for ship managers and owners when it comes to reviewing, planning, and logging environmental operations.
The OneOcean suite allows users to visually review, plan and track environmental events that take place aboard vessels.


Review applicable regulations along a planned route, on a map interface and with colour-coded waste streams indicating whether actions are legal, legal with conditions or illegal.


Plan environmental operations throughout a voyage and monitor events along a live timeline.


Use Electronic Record Books (ERBs) to log and review where environmental events have occurred.

“Our goal with LogCentral was not to simply digitize MARPOL record books, but to provide our customers with a way to reduce workload onboard, and finally be able to analyse these operational events in the context of a voyage.” says Martin Taylor, OneOcean’s CEO. “Having these environmental records in electronic format enables better decision making and oversight. We look forward to continuing to work with our customers and partners to drive adoption of new ideas and standards in this era of change. The future looks very bright.”


About OneOcean  

OneOcean is the largest single digital solutions company in the maritime industry and the global leader in digital navigation and voyage compliance. The business supports over 15,000 vessels in their regulatory and navigational activities, making life easier for ship owners and managers, both onboard and onshore. Its aim is to simplify e-navigation and compliance with the powerful OneOcean platform built for the future while giving onboard and onshore teams the real-time information they need when they need it. 

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04 February 2022