Microsoft Announces SeaTab from Marine Press as a Finalist in its IMPACT Innovation Award


SeaTab from Marine Press has been chosen as a finalist of Microsoft’s IMPACT “Innovation with Hardware” Award. The SeaTab is a portable digital ENC viewer based on the award-winning Microsoft Surface line. SeaTab comes with professional-grade hardware and software that is not offered with Surface consumer products. SeaTab is offered in two configurations: the full-sized SeaTab Pro with a 12.3″ display, and the compact SeaTab Go with a 10″ display. Find out more about the SeaTab here.

Marine Press has been partnering with Microsoft to combine their respective expertise and technology in bringing solutions that modernize the maritime industry. This collaboration is leveraging Microsoft’s best-in-class cloud, software and hardware products with the Sea Platform.

The winner of Microsoft’s IMPACT “Innovation with Hardware” Award will be announced on July 14 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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14 June 2019