Berthing Operation Categories

The information about Berthing Operation procedures are categorised under a number of headings. Details of the types of information included within the categories is available below.


  • Details of available berths, including length of quay, depth alongside, maximum LOA, beam and draft at Low Water (indicating whether salt or fresh water), maximum size of vessel, fendering and other relevant data, together with advice of cargoes handled at respective berths.
  • Details of independent berths or terminals.


  • Details of mooring line configuration including type of mooring line required, anchors used for berthing, mooring boats and mooring gangs.


  • Operator and contact details.
  • Number and capacity of tugs available.
  • Minimum number of tugs required for berthing and unberthing in relation to size of vessel, and any special requirements.
  • Position where tugs normally join the vessel.
  • Also whether usual for ship’s lines or tug’s lines to be used, and if optional, the usual charge for use of tug’s lines.
18 August 2021