OneOcean offers a market leading tool for superyachts to help manage navigation and regulatory responsibilities, supporting the delivery of a superior service for clients.


OneOcean enables crews to work efficiently, freeing up time to concentrate on providing a great experience for guests and owners. As a first to market provider, OneOcean understands the unique challenges and requirements of captains, crew and superyacht management companies.


Superyacht services from OneOcean

OneOcean provides a comprehensive service, managing navigation and regulatory responsibilities to ensure that your vessel is fully compliant at all times, in all locations. For an overview of how our products can help you, download our brochure below.

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Customer service excellence

The OneOcean Superyacht team is renowned for its excellence in customer service. Our team of industry experts is committed to developing a thorough understanding of the operational requirements of each superyacht in order to deliver a high-quality, bespoke service that is tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

The OneOcean team recognises that compliance requirements vary depending on whether the vessel is commercially or privately registered. The team understands specific and fleet-wide requirements and is dedicated to providing a service that is as bespoke and individual as the yacht.


Seamless integration

OneOcean’s open architecture is designed to work seamlessly with multiple applications, making it easier to learn and master. The platform can be installed as a standalone or on a network, enabling access for multiple crew.


Free-up crew time

A significant proportion of crew time is spent simply completing all necessary manual procedures. A passage plan, for example, can take up to three days of crew time when done properly. For yachts running a skeleton crew, each member must carry out multiple tasks, running the risk of errors occurring. OneOcean’s solutions make the activities more efficient, more accurate and less time-consuming, freeing-up time for crew to spend with guests.

Superyacht Services


Onboard and shoreside outfit management support through OneOcean

Supply of ENCs

Supply of ENCs and non-official electronic charts for voyages and tenders

Charts and Publications

Supply of charts and publications from all major international hydrographic offices. Chart storage and correcting service available.

Consultation service

Consultation service to recommend suitable outfits tailored to flag and yacht operations

Regulations and publications

Regulations and publications required by IMO, MARPOL and flag state specific to Superyachts available cross-referenced, up-to-date and digitally

Pre-audit checks

Pre-audit checks and advice for Port State Inspection

24/7 Support

24/7 expert support available to customers


Pay-As-You-Sail (PAYS) available for flexible service provision


Deck and bridge equipment including guides, stationery, flags, binoculars