OneOcean is a trusted leader within the cruise industry, with over 20 years of experience working with major cruise lines, from small ships through to mega and expedition cruise vessels.

Committed to Innovation

OneOcean offers the broadest range of features and functionality in one single platform. OneOcean’s suite of solutions simplify life onboard while ensuring emphasis on passenger safety and environmental impact.


Ensuring Safety at Sea

For cruise lines, the safety of guests and crew is the highest priority and is fundamental to operations. Cruise ships have maintained an exceptional safety record – making cruising one of the safest ways to travel. OneOcean helps cruise ships to remain at the forefront of the marine industry in terms of safety, innovation and environment impact through its market leading products and solutions.


Stay Connected

OneOcean offers a smart, dependable, effortless and time-saving way to synchronise compliance across cruise ships and head office. OneOcean leverages technology to integrate and communicate seamlessly from bridge to engine room and ship to shoreside. The connected products give shore-side teams a more complete view of the operations and planned upcoming activities for the ship, enabling them to provide accurate support when required.


Compliance peace of mind

Regulatory compliance, especially environmental, is a high priority for the cruise industry. OneOcean products make it simple to see and understand the compliance requirements in each location, providing clear guidance on the actions required to fulfil these. Onboard crew can maintain compliance with the latest regulations and amendments. Shore-side teams can identify and implement future changes to improve operational effectiveness and risk reduction. Reduces the risk of missing vital information about new regulations that could have a major impact on the running of the ship.


One single solution

Offering the broadest range of features and functionality in one integrated platform, OneOcean is committed to delivering innovative solutions that support our customers’ needs. This includes simplified passage planning, global and cruise-specific environmental regulations, dynamic passage plans and scheduling, digital workflows and documentation processes, as well as fleet operations oversight.