From 1,000ft oil tankers and container ships to passenger vessels carrying 5,000 people, OneOcean is built to support every commercial vessel and fleet, onboard and shoreside, no matter what size.

Support your fleet


Fleet control and safety

OneOcean’s integrated platform helps to meet regulations, navigate effortlessly, manage fleet and ultimately improve safety. Complete with a comprehensive set of applications built for teams onboard and onshore, OneOcean provides real time intelligence when needed.



Communication is essential in order to gain better intelligence across a commercial operation. The OneOcean platform provides real time communication and enables shore-side teams to send and receive information from vessels more frequently.


Time saving

Eliminate hours of administrative time and ensure the safety of vessel and crew with OneOcean’s suite of products; increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of detentions. One such product is PassageManager. It draws in data automatically from multiple sources, saving time spent sourcing and calculating the information.



The vast and ever-growing compliance requirements pose a significant challenge for organisations as vessels need to comply with regulations depending on the vessel type, location and Flag State they are registered to.

OneOcean helps organisations fulfil their compliance requirements in an easy-to-use digital format with clear guidance on what can and cannot be undertaken in any location.


Automated updates

OneOcean’s seamless and automated navigational data is constantly updated to ensure shore-side teams and vessels will always be fully compliant and up to date.

OneOcean’s comprehensive solution enables organisations to:

Reduce risk

Reduce risk and ensure compliance


Automate passage plans


Monitor and support fleets anywhere, any time


Understand what can and cannot be undertaken from a regulatory perspective at any point in the voyage


Streamline outfit management


Optimise vessel performance and build fleet-wide efficiencies in time and money