Maritime Regulations at Your Fingertips

Buy back precious time, reduce administration and your carbon footprint. One of the challenges our industry faces today is ensuring compliance with the ever-increasing and changing maritime regulations.

The regulation challenge


Regulations are there to keep the world's fleet safe and secure. With the multitude of information sources available and the frequency of amendments, many struggle to keep up to date and manage the understanding, impact and implementation of new and revised regulations to ensure fleet compliance.

The manual process involved requires considerable man-hours onshore and onboard, contributing to costly administration time. There is a need for awareness and consistency across the fleet, and a simple way to distribute documents and demonstrate compliance when needed. A task far easier said than done.

However, the complexities of keeping on top of maritime regulations can be solved with a powerful digital solution - one single resource of the multiple maritime bodies’ regulations.




Our solution gives you maximum notification time

Regs4ships is the only regulations management solution to today’s highly complex regulatory environment. A fully digital toolset does the heavy lifting for you - combining flag state and international compliance documentation ensuring every location and vessel has intelligent access to the latest rules and regulations. IMO, ILO and EU legislation are all covered. But more than that, Regs4ships also alerts you to new and amended regulations as they come into force. So you need never worry about missing a regulation deadline again.

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Trusted by over 400 shipping companies worldwide


Reviewed by mariners and maritime experts, Regs4ships removes uncertainty by highlighting upcoming changes and automating document control and consistency amongst the fleet; replacing the otherwise manual process of collecting, reviewing, updating, distributing and tracking maritime regulation changes – on a vessel by vessel basis.

Combined with a powerful search and subject index engine, you can be sure of having the most up to date regulations across your entire fleet, wherever and whenever needed, keeping fleet and office compliant and in synch.

Join over 6,000 vessels using Regs4ships to ensure compliance is not only met, but delivered with ease at all times, whilst also protecting the environment.

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