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Log Once, Use Everywhere: the Power of Digital Logbooks

Addressing a very real operational challenge


Are you one of the 50,000 vessels worldwide required to carry out extensive record-keeping? Are you legally responsible for complying with reporting requirements in order to ensure MARPOL compliance? Without a digital solution this can be a hugely complex and time-consuming process, and the wealth of data captured in analogue form cannot easily make it back to shore or be put to effective use, determining where and how current processes can be improved.
There is also the ever-present risk of detentions and penalties due to errors and omissions which can often occur with paper processes, such as assigning discharges to the wrong code and item number, or simply missing an entry. This can lead to significant financial implications and/or imprisonment of top-ranking ship officers.



How can LogCentral help?

LogCentral reflects the OneOcean mission to simplify eNavigation and compliance for the commercial maritime sector.

This reporting tool is an effective paperless logbook solution for record-keeping, monitoring, reporting and compliance verification, built with a clean, modern and easy to use interface.

A centralised operational reporting tool, LogCentral will help you access and manage Electronic Record Books, such as recording a vessel's position, course and distance travelled, and will focus on the provision of reporting, monitoring, compliance and validation services.


Comprehensive ship data can be recorded in an environmentally responsible manner, conforming to guidance from MARPOL (the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships), cataloguing environmentally sensitive aspects such as waste oil storage and disposal, air emissions controls and garbage/plastics management.

LogCentral will enable onboard crew to rapidly complete logbook entries with accuracy and ease, and all data recorded onboard will automatically synchronise via the OneOcean cloud. Allowing operational and management teams instant access to all logbook entries made across their entire fleet, meaning they can monitor fleet activity, conduct trend analysis and benchmarking exercises, and submit records to regulatory authorities.



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