Redefining Ship Monitoring

Track your fleet anywhere, any time and take control of compliance



Our remote monitoring solution offers full on-shore, advanced situational awareness and maritime intelligence, putting you fully in control of decision-making, helping to improve operational efficiency and supporting compliance.



Through a single web-based platform you’re able to:

  • Track vessel positions and movements of your fleet.
  • Monitor vessel activity against active passage plans.
  • View potential sources of delay or hazards through overlay features including weather forecasts, environmental zones and high risk areas.
  • Approve and monitor orders for charts and publications.
  • Deploy the service as an emergency room tool.
  • Audit vessel outfits and activities.
  • Check subscriptions, software versions installed and data usage.


Weather overlay

MARPOL Compliance


Remote outfit auditing

Track your fleet anywhere, anytime

Using both satellite and terrestrial AIS tracking, you can locate any vessel in your fleet at any time. Combined with the unique ability to link with our navigation platform – OneOcean – you can view active passage plans so that any deviations from the expected track can be interrogated in real time. 

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