Webinar Recording: How to Operationalise Your Environmental Compliance

With so many new environmental regulations emerging in the maritime industry, finding ways to ensure compliance and mitigate risk is a top priority for commercial seafaring companies.

See OneOcean’s Nick Bourque and Tony Brown present on meeting the challenges of fleet-wide environmental management. In this webinar, they discuss upcoming IMO regulations entering into force and demonstrate how streamlined, interconnected workflows allow you to visually plan, monitor and track environmental events taking place aboard vessels across fleets. 

Using examples, they describe how companies are currently dealing with environmental regulations and how new ones are sure to be even more impactful. Watch to see how OneOcean’s Environmental solutions can help to:

  • Provide clarity in the appraisal and planning stages of voyage planning 
  • Inform Navigators and environmental officers in compliant decision-making 
  • Enable shoreside teams to set & enforce company policies and gain situational awareness of events taking place aboard vessels 
  • Capture and analyse emission and discharge data using ERBs 

Webinar Hosts

Nicholas’ role as Chief Strategy Officer is to bring OneOcean’s product portfolio together to create connected solutions that deliver real benefits for the maritime industry.  

Nicholas also focuses on developing the company’s future strategy and delivering its vision to offer solutions that reinforce safer, cleaner and more efficient working practices.

Tony’s role as Deputy Chief Technology Officer and Director of Product Delivery is to ensure OneOcean’s solutions are fit-for purpose, relevant for customers and efficiently deployed. 

With over 20 years’ experience in the maritime industry, Tony has worked with many companies to develop maritime product and software solutions which are innovative and assist customers to efficiently plan and execute a voyage.   

Nicholas Bourque
Chief Strategy Officer
Tony Brown
Deputy Chief Technology Officer | Director of Product Delivery