Our responsibility to our people

As a responsible employer, we are committed to providing and maintaining a good working
environment for our employees. We are an equal opportunity employer, with a culturally diverse

Modern Slavery Policy

We will ensure full compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 in all aspects of our business and
supply chain.

Over the last 30 years, we have forged strong relationships with our supply chain and we are
committed to ensuring our supply chain is free from exploitation, human trafficking and slavery.

As the company develops new products and services and expands into new global markets, we
expect our supply chain to evolve, but not materially change. We anticipate increased suppliers in
data and technology services, but we will continue to rigorously assess the supply chain to ensure it
continues to comply with all relevant legislation.

Thus far, we have had no reports, directly or indirectly, through our supply chain relating to
exploitation, human trafficking and slavery. Despite this, we will continue to only conduct business
with suppliers who fully comply with all relevant legislation to ensure transparency throughout our
supply chain.

Our standard terms and conditions already require compliance with the Modern Slavery Act, but we
will be introducing additional onboarding checks, together with annual supplier audits to mitigate the existing and potential risks in this area.


We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethics, honesty, openness and accountability. Our Whistleblowing policy is communicated and known across the organisation.

Employment Practises

Our employment practises underpin our commitment to the highest standards of ethics, honesty,
openness and accountability. Our Modern Slavery Policy and Statement is shared as part of induction
materials, and it is made clear that all employees have a responsibility to be aware of and report any
suspicion of exploitation or slavery. The Whistleblowing policy is designed to ensure that whatever the situation, a suitable reporting mechanism exists, without fear of reprisal.

Suppliers found to be in breach of the Act may have any contracts summarily terminated and risk
being removed from our list of approved suppliers. Compliance to the Act is a prerequisite under our
standard terms and conditions of purchase.

Anti-Bribery Policy

OneOcean have a clear Anti-Bribery Policy. The Policy can be viewed here.