Digital Maritime Regulations Unigas International B.V.

LPG and LNG carriers are perhaps the most highly regulated vessels sailing around our oceans. Due to the nature of their cargoes, it is critically important that they operate within the regulations. Laws and regulations by their very nature change all the time and keeping on top of these can be a full-time job in itself, especially when vessels in a fleet are flagged to different states. One of our customers is Unigas International B.V. who recently subscribed to Regs4ships Digital Maritime Regulations service.

The Problem

Hans Baijer, Vetting Superintendent at Unigas was looking for a solution to the ever increasing problem of staying up-to-date with the legislation and documentation pumped out by flag states, the IMO, ILO and the EU: “Never have I seen the tanker industry growing so fast on safety, security and quality than in the last decade. The changes are having an enormous impact on ship management, because together with the changes and demands of customers, all vessels are being regularly targeted with commercial and third-party inspections.

A ship’s crew needs proper support from their managing company to deal with the administrations, customers and port state control. With all the maritime regulations and liability situations around today, it is becoming increasingly difficult for masters of vessels to remain 100% aware of everything. After numerous inspections and audits on board our vessels, we identified that crews would benefit from a digital database of regulations that would keep them up-to-date with the ever changing regulations and legislation.”

“We started looking for a different kind of solution, which has now been provided by Regs4ships.” Hans Baijer, Vetting Superintendent at Unigas

The Solution

Hans Baijer contacted the Regs4ships Commercial Team, who were able to provide him with a solution. It allows Unigas to remain in control and stay completely up-to-date with the regulations and legislation, required by the four flag states that their ships are registered with. An office subscription to our Antigua & Barbuda, Isle of Man, Panama and Singapore flag products enabled Unigas to have access to the following documentation:

Regs4ships Digital Maritime Regulations is the perfect solution for a fleet of any size. Documentation is sourced and updated by ex-MCA port state control inspectors and master mariners – so you can trust the content in our system as reliable, accurate and up-to-date.
The solution provided for Unigas is targeted at an office user. Regs4ships also provides vessel compliance solutions for fleets, which is also recognised as digitally compliant with the world’s most popular flag states’ carriage of nautical publications requirements.
“Regs4ships was the perfect solution with all the regulations and flag standards together in one place. With the search function, it makes our work in the Quality and Vetting Department so much easier – especially when we need to advise a master, customer, or more importantly – the management of the company.”
Hans Baijer, Vetting Superintendent at Unigas

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Better Situational Awareness

Live vessel position with AIS Pilot Plug or GPS unit

Largest scale ENCs compared to using small scale paper charts

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