Digital Maritime Regulations Unigas International B.V.

One of our customers is Unigas International B.V. who recently subscribed to Regs4ships Digital Maritime Regulations service.

Digital Maritime Regulations Unigas International B.V.

LPG and LNG carriers are perhaps the most highly regulated vessels sailing around our oceans. Due to the nature of their cargoes, it is critically important that they operate within the regulations. Laws and regulations by their very nature change all the time and keeping on top of these can be a full-time job in itself, especially when vessels in a fleet are flagged to different states.



This was needed to support their surveyors with specialist information in a consolidated, up-to-date and searchable format to enable a geographically dispersed workforce to undertake their work in a consistent and auditable manner.

The customer was able to outsource a cost-effective, specialist and resource-intensive activity which provided ready access to comprehensive and electronic information. Regs4ships undertakes document maintenance and provides additional and updated material in a simple and cost effective manner.



Regs4ships provided the knowledge of maritime regulations and IT skills to develop a customised and MCA branded product, which is delivered in the form of an up-to-date DVD every week.

Senior MCA technical managers frequently express their satisfaction with the system which has been in use across the MCA for the past five years. An MCA director recently said he used the system most days during the week and he was completely and absolutely satisfied with its performance.

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