Digital Maritime Regulations Stolt Tankers

Find out how Regs4ships helped Stolt Tankers with their fleet-wide compliance.

Digital Maritime Regulations Stolt Tankers

Transporting chemicals and bulk liquids around the world can be a challenging business. Cargoes can be hazardous and detrimental to our marine habitat – which is why chemical tankers are so heavily regulated. Faced with the prospect of a high frequency of inspections, chemical tanker operators face the challenge of ensuring that their vessels are operating within the regulations – which are changing on a daily basis. These challenges are compounded further when you consider that a whole fleet of vessels is rarely flagged to one flag state.



Stolt Tankers operates one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated global fleet of deep-sea, regional, coastal and inland parcel tankers. With over 80 vessels in the fleet, Stolt deliver safe, reliable, high quality transportation services to the world’s leading manufacturers of chemicals and other bulk liquids. With a stringent corporate focus on safety and environmental protection, Stolt Tankers were looking for a solution to increase efficiency and reduce time spent on sorting and disseminating documents, without jeopardising their reputation or strategic values. especially with a multi-flag fleet.

“Sending mandatory flag state and international documentation to every vessel in our fleet takes a significant amount of time, Time is money in our business, so we were looking for a solution that would allow us to distribute mandatory documentation and remove the uncertainty of outdated regulations aboard our vessels. It is important for our offices to have access to the same documentation that is stored aboard our vessels, so we were also looking for a solution that would provide us with a centralised resource that could be used throughout our organisation. When Regs4ships got in contact with us, we realised that they could provide us with the service that we were looking for.” Spokesperson, Stolt Tankers



Stolt Tankers operate a fleet of chemical and bulk liquid tankers which are flagged to the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong (China), Liberia, Panama, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Regs4ships provided Stolt Tankers with a subscription to our Professional level digital maritime regulations service and compliance discs for 85 or their vessels.

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